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Statewide Sustainability Bill set to Become Law Sept. 15

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – A House bill to strengthen statewide sustainability coordination and update the roles and responsibilities of the Office of Planning will become law September 15 after the measure was not included on Governor Ige’s intent to veto list. 

The Legislature passed HB 2486 HD 2 SD2 to formally establish a statewide sustainability branch within the State Office of Planning. This is consistent with the Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation priorities established within the Hawaiʻi State Planning Act, affirming the Legislature’s commitment to a sustainable future. 

“Focusing on Hawaiʻi’s sustainability and resiliency is vital more than ever. This new law will provide all industries and sectors of government a plan to help Hawaiʻi address emergencies like a pandemic, battle climate change and rebound from economic uncertainty. Sustainability will now be integrated in all of our priorities while moving Hawaiʻi forward,” said Representative Ryan Yamane, who introduced the measure along with Representative Henry Aquino.

The socioeconomic challenges and catastrophic event brought on from the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the need for long-term and comprehensive planning for a sustainable and resilient recovery for the state. 

HB 2486 is a much-needed statute codifying and reaffirming the role of the Office of Planning to coordinate among state agencies on climate change adaptation and sustainability plans and policies.


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