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Statements by Reps. Woodson and Belatti on Postponing the Reopening of Public Schools

Representative Justin H. Woodson (Kahului, Pu‘unēnē, Old Sand Hills, Maui Lani), Chair of the House Lower & Higher Education Committee, released the following statement today following the Hawai‘i Board of Education's meeting.

“I’ve been speaking with teachers and principals over the past couple weeks about the reopening of schools. Because cases are increasing, it would be prudent to postpone the reopening.”

House Majority Leader Della Au Belatti (Makiki, Tantalus, Papakōlea, McCully, Pāwa‘a, Manoa) released the following statement:

“During this delay in the reopening of public schools, I hope teachers, administrators, and school staff work quickly to adjust protocols and practices to provide quality education throughout the year with in-person, hybrid, and distance learning modes.”

“I also hope everyone in the community does their part to limit group interactions, wear masks, and practice good hygiene practices, so our children can get back to school and our working parents can go back to work with some reassurance of their children’s safety.”

The Board of Education held a special meeting today to consider postponing the start of the new academic year for public school students until Aug. 17 to allow more time for training of school staff.


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