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Honolulu, Hawaii – Speaker Scott K. Saiki today announced that effective November 27, 2023, Representative Luke A. Evslin is appointed to serve as Chair of the House Committee on Housing.


The position was vacant following the Governor's appointment of Representative Troy N. Hashimoto to the Hawaii State Senate.


"Since his service on the Kauai County Council, Representative Evslin has developed a working knowledge of housing issues and the necessary measures at both state and county levels to increase our housing inventory," said Speaker Scott K. Saiki. "As a young spouse and parent, he recognizes the challenges faced by local families in securing affordable housing in our state. Representative Evslin is committed to developing housing solutions that benefit Hawaii residents and that are compatible with environmental and social needs."


During the interim, Representative Evslin served as Co-Chair of the House Interim Shelter Working Group, which was formed to evaluate specific topics related to the Lahaina wildfire. Members of the working group are focused on evaluating the availability and creation of temporary and transitional shelters for displaced individuals and families, and preparing recommendations for appropriate legislative action in the 2024 General Session.


"Our state's housing crisis requires bold action at every level of government," said Representative Luke A. Evslin (D16 - Wailua, Hanamaulu, Kapaia, Lihue, Puhi, portion of Omao). "I am honored to serve as the Housing Committee Chair and I'm ready to work with my colleagues on solutions that will reduce the cost of housing and improve the quality of life in Hawaii."





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