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Representative Morikawa says Polihale State Park may Reopen after Labor Day Weekend

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – After sending inquiry emails and writing a letter to the state Department of Land and Natural Resources (DNLR), Representative Dee Morikawa wants Kauaʻi residents to know that Polihale Beach Park hopefully will reopen after the Labor Day weekend. 

The state closed Polihale in July saying it was due to reckless, illegal behavior and overuse. Since then, Morikawa has been asking for more information and a plan for reopening the park. 

 There is no doubt that Polihale was overwhelmed with people, especially since many are unemployed and children are out of school, Morikawa said. However, the department should have been prepared for that and had more staff available to monitor the beach park and surrounding areas.

“After talking with DLNR staff, we are hopeful, that Polihale may open after the Labor Day weekend,” said Representative Morikawa. 

Morikawa asked the DLNR to open the park, put rules in place, issue permits, allow groups to assist in clean-up events and control the number of users.  

Morikawa said community groups have offered to help the state repair damages and make improvements at the park and she would like to see the possible development of a stewardship program at Polihale similar to the Hā‘ena Community Based Subsistence Fishing Area.

“Residents love Polihale and are willing to do their part to maintain the area,” said Representative Morikawa, the House Majority Floor Leader. “We must protect Polihale as a natural resource and for future use by our residents and Hawaiian community.”


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