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Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – House Speaker Scott K. Saiki, Majority Leader Nadine K. Nakamura, and Minority Leader Lauren Matsumoto today announced the establishment of six interim House working groups tasked with the crucial responsibility of evaluating specific topics related to the Lāhainā wildfire and making recommendations for appropriate legislative action in the 2024 Legislative Session.

"While we remain in mourning for the tragedy endured by Maui, the House will take action prior to the legislative session to focus on immediate issues that require temporary or transitional relief," said Speaker Scott K. Saiki. "Members of the interim working groups will collaborate with subject experts and various agencies, engage in extensive discussions relating to the Lāhainā wildfire, and formulate recommendations for the upcoming session, which begins January 17, 2024.

During the interim, members of the bipartisan working groups are called to collaborate with federal, state, and county agencies, along with community stakeholders and interested parties. Each group is tasked with the responsibility of producing a preliminary report by November 1 and delivering a final report by December 15. These reports will detail ongoing actions and recommendations for potential legislation relating to the Lāhainā wildfire.

"We recognize that concerns such as wildfire prevention, shelter, schools, jobs and businesses, environmental remediation, and food, water, and supplies remain top-of-mind for Maui residents," said House Majority Leader Nadine K. Nakamura. "We look forward to productive discussions and establishing a framework that reflects the Legislature's unwavering commitment to supporting Maui."

“First and foremost the Legislature needs to do everything in its power to provide relief to the victims in Lāhainā and their families. These committees will help to shape legislation for the upcoming session to help those in Maui,” said House Minority Leader Lauren Matsumoto. “This tragic event will affect the entire State for years to come. The House Republicans are ready to work together with the community of Lāhainā and our legislative colleagues to find a collaborative path forward.”

The attached memo outlines all interim working group assignments. All working groups will conclude their activities by January 17, 2024.


2023 Interim Working Groups rev 9-29-23
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