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Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – On Wednesday, February 8, the House Committee on Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs (JHA) will take up seven measures pertaining to ethics reform. Six of those measures were introduced by Speaker Scott K. Saiki, on behalf of recommendations outlined in the Commission to Improve Standards of Conduct (CISC) Final Report.

"As we review our existing laws and discuss measures that have been introduced this session, the House reaffirms that ethics reform legislation sets the tone in ensuring the highest standards of integrity among our elected officials. It reinforces our commitment to transparency, accountability, and improving public trust," said JHA Chair David A. Tarnas (D-8, North & South Kohala).

WHO: Representative David A. Tarnas, Chair, House Committee on Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs (JHA)

Members of the House Committee on JHA


Measures Relating to Ethics Reform

HB 716 – Relating to Elections (CISC)

HB 719 – Relating to Public Records (CISC)

HB 720 – Relating to Partial Public Financing of Elections (CISC)

HB 463 – Lowers the Threshold for Disclosure of Campaign Expenditures for Noncandidate Committees to $100

HB 725 – Establishes the Office of the Public Advocate (CISC)

HB 728 – Provides Grants in Aid to Several Counties' Boards of Ethics (CISC)

HB 796 – Relating to Term Limits (CISC)

Additional Measures Up for Hearing

HB 384 – Relating to Parentage

HB 349, HD1 – Relating to Emancipation of Minors

HB 445, HD1 – Relating to Child Support

HB 317, HD1 – Relating to Youth Fees and Fines

HB 567, HD1 – Relating to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands

HB 1145 – Relating to Universal Changing Accommodations in State Buildings

WHEN: Wednesday, February 8, 2023

2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Conference Room 325

Click here to review the hearing notice.

Click here for the live stream of this meeting via YouTube.

Media Contact:

Director of Communications Cathy S. Lee |


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