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Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – The House of Representatives today adopted rule changes in the Rules of the House of Representatives of the thirty-second legislature, including the operating procedures for the House Committee on Standards of Conduct, and the House Administrative and Financial Manual.

The rule amendments process was overseen by the House Advisory Committee on Rules and Procedure, which was established by Speaker Scott K. Saiki pursuant to Rule 19, to review the rules for the 2023 House of Representatives and incorporate amendments proposed by the Commission to Improve Standards of Conduct (CISC) as practicable. Members of the bipartisan committee include Representative Nadine K. Nakamura (Chair), Vice Speaker Greggor Ilagan, Majority Floor Leader Dee Morikawa, and Minority Leader Lauren Matsumoto.

"I am appreciative of the members' extensive work in taking the commission seriously, and implementing the recommendations that were proposed," said Speaker Scott K. Saiki. "The House remains dedicated to improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of the legislative process."

House Rules 29.1–29.3 and 62.5–62.6 incorporate CISC recommendations relating to ethics reform, ethics disclosures, standards of conduct, and conflict of interest and further demonstrate the House taking the lead in implementing recommendations made by the panel of Commissioners, which includes a retired judge, community advocates, a former U.S. attorney, and leaders in government reform.

"The House Committee on Judiciary (JHA) is thoroughly considering each of the CISC proposals, and the fact that several of them were implemented in the House Rules shows how seriously the House has taken these suggestions," said JHA Chair David A. Tarnas.

"The timeline to finalizing the rules was extended to incorporate suggestions by members and CISC recommendations. We have been operating under the existing rules and are now establishing new rules and procedures," said Majority Leader Nadine K. Nakamura. "After a comprehensive review by the review committee and feedback from all members of the House, we are pleased to share the final rules which highlight improvements in our standards of conduct."

Minority Leader Lauren Matsumoto, who served on the House Advisory Committee on Rules and Procedure shared her sentiments, "This was a collaborative process and we appreciate the members' input to ensure that the rule changes reflect the integrity of the House and represent our commitment to improving our standards of conduct."

Copies of the proposed rule changes were provided to House members 24 hours prior to the final draft being adopted by the Floor. The amended House rules took effect upon approval.


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