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HAWAI‘I COUNTY Representative David A. Tarnas is happy to share that $500,000 in capital improvement project funds has been released by Governor Josh Green for the Waimea Elementary School Campus Master Plan, according to a letter addressed to Rep. Tarnas dated August 17, 2023. The released funds will go toward the development of a comprehensive Master Plan for the public school campus shared by Waimea Elementary School and Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School, Hawai‘i’s first-ever Public Conversion Charter School.

The funds were appropriated by the Legislature last year as part of the Supplemental Appropriations Act. The Master Plan will be the first step in outlining a strategy to make full use of the campus.

"Preparing this Master Plan for the Waimea Elementary school campus will be an important exercise for the school ‘ohana and community to chart the preferred future for our campus," said Rep. David Tarnas. "The school campus is located right in the heart of Waimea Town and we have a great opportunity to design a place that meets the future needs of our community."

"I am thrilled to receive news that Governor Green released funds for the master planning of the Waimea Elementary School campus," added Principal Tammie Picklesimer of Waimea Elementary School. "The funding reflects our shared commitment to providing the best possible educational environment for our students, families, and community. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Representative Tarnas for recognizing the importance of investing in and advocating for our children's future. Together, we are creating a foundation that ensures excellence in the public school system."

Principal Janice English of Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School said, "This planning process will help to ensure that our current and future children, their families, and the wider community will have access to the resources they deserve. We thank Representative David Tarnas, the Hawaiʻi State Legislature, and Governor Josh Green for their vision to make the community of Waimea a place where all can thrive."


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