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Representative Mizuno, Cedar Church Provide Food for Homeless Residents

Honolulu, HawaiʻiRepresentative John M. Mizuno (Kalihi, Kamehameha Heights, Lower Kalihi) Chair of the House Health Committee, partnered with Senior Pastor Duk Whan Kim of Hawaiʻi Cedar Church today to distribute over 1,000 gallons of fresh milk, pallets of can goods, fresh vegetables, and baked goods to over 300 homeless residents.

“Today was a great day where the legislative sector partnered with a church on a major donation of food for Hawaiʻi's homeless residents. During the Novel Coronavirus pandemic it is incumbent on elected officials to lead by example and to support food donations to our homeless residents who are in extreme need of these donations," said Representative Mizuno. "Pastor Kim and I hope today's food donation event for Hawaiʻi's homeless residents will inspire others to join the cause to help our homeless, poor, needy, and hungry who are suffering during this COVID-19 pandemic."

Pastor Duk Whan Kim said the church provides shelter to 75 homeless people without any government support. “We support a large number of homeless families with children,” said Pastor Kim. “We are grateful that today's food donation to Hawaiʻi's homeless was well received and we are hopeful to continue this effort now and after the pandemic."

** Video of today's event


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