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Nānākuli, Hawaiʻi – Representative Darius K. Kila (D-44, Honokai Hale, Nānākuli, Mā‘ili) issued the following statement today:


“I support continued surge police enforcement on the Leeward Coast. With a history of insufficient police presence in our community and a concerning 80% increase in homicides this year, the need for immediate action is critical and long-awaited by residents.


In today's editorial, 'West Side Needs Help Against Crime', the Star Advertiser emphasized the pressing need for collaborative efforts between public and private leaders to address the escalating crime on the Leeward Coast. It is truly time to shift our focus to the Leeward Coast, and to address the issues of crime, homelessness, drug abuse, and hopelessness in an area that has often been neglected in the past.


Mahalo to Mayor Rick Blangiardi and Honolulu Police Department Chief Joe Logan for responding to my community's pleas for kōkua, and reallocating resources to address safety in our neighborhoods. We hope this initiative evolves into a sustained, long-term solution rather than a one-time effort.



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