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Leaders Ask Governor Ige to Remove Maui Health Official for Promoting COVID-19 Misinformation

House Speaker, Senate President, Health Committee Chairs, Maui Senator say Dr. Pang's support for dangerous COVID-19 treatments compromise public health

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – Legislative leaders, including House Speaker Scott K. Saiki, Senate President Ronald D. Kouchi, House and Senate health committees Chairs Representative Ryan I. Yamane and Senator Jarret Keohokalole, and Maui Senator Rosalyn H. Baker, today sent a letter to Governor David Ige seeking the immediate removal of Dr. Lorrin Pang from his position as head of the Maui District Health Office.

According to the letter, Dr. Pang is a cofounder of a group called the Pono Coalition for Informed Consent (PCIC) that has been spreading "false, misleading, and outright dangerous information about the ongoing pandemic."

With the state's healthcare system near a breaking point and hospitals at capacity, the letter states:

"His involvement and endorsement of PCIC directly conflicts with the guidance of the Department of Health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and generally accepted standards of medical practice.

"Dr. Pang has undermined the State's critical public health message and public trust.

"Accordingly, after consultation with the Maui legislative delegation, we request that you immediately remove Dr. Pang from his position with the Department of Health. "


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