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Kaka'ako Land Co. Loses in Lawsuit

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – A trial was held in November challenging Kakaʻako Land. Co.'s (KLC) ownership of Kakaʻako private roads.

Today, the Circuit Court ruled against KLC. The court ruled that the Kakaʻako private roads were abandoned in 1947, and that the roads were never properly acquired by KLC. Therefore, KLC does not own the private roads and never had any legal right to charge or tow vehicles. The court issued an injunction effectively immediately that prohibits KLC from enforcing parking on the private roads.

"This decision finally resolves a long-standing dispute in our community," said House Speaker Scott Saiki. "I was confident that the State would be victorious as the defendants have clearly committed fraud against our community. I am thankful to residents and businesses for their patience as we've worked to resolve this dispute."


Unknown member
28. Feb. 2021

As someone who paid money to KLC and Parklinq for parking, what recourse do I have to recover my money from KLC and Parklinq if my credit card refuses to dispute the charges?

Gefällt mir
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