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House Passes More than 150 Measures on Third Reading

Highway safety, public health, government ethics bills move to Senate

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – In advance of First Crossover next week, the House of Representatives today passed more than 150 measures on third reading including bills on government ethics, highway safety, and public health. These bills now move to the Senate for their consideration.

March 5 is the First Crossover deadline for bills to pass third reading in order to move (or “crossover”) to the other chamber. If successful, House bills are sent to the Senate and Senate bills are sent to the House for further consideration.

Bills passed today include:

HB2678 HD1 Relating to Government Employees

Requires forfeiture of a state or county officer's or employee's compensation and fringe benefits upon a felony conviction.

HB1676 HD1 Relating to Highway Safety

Establishes a three-year photo red light imaging detector system pilot program. Authorizes any affected county to administer the photo red light imaging detector system pilot program. Establishes a photo red light imaging detector systems pilot program account as a special account within the general fund. Requires proceeds of fines expended in the county from which they were collected for operation of the photo red light imaging detector systems pilot program. Appropriates funds. Sunsets 6/30/2023.

Family Issues

HB2148 HD1 Relating to Family Leave

Extends Hawaii family leave to include care for employees' grandchildren. Defines "sibling." Amends the definition of "child" to include grandchildren.

HB2067 HD1 Relating to Domestic Violence

Amends the offense of abuse of family or household members to provide for a lesser included petty misdemeanor offense. Allows a deferred acceptance of guilty plea in cases involving misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor abuse offenses. Requires the judiciary to submit annual reports to the legislature on the number and outcome of abuse of family or household members cases. Sunsets pilot program 6/30/2023.

Public Health

HB2457 HD2 Relating to the Youth Vaping Epidemic

Beginning 1/1/2021: bans the sale of flavored tobacco products; prohibits mislabeling of e-liquid products containing nicotine; and establishes fines and penalties for violations. Requires the Department of Education to establish a safe harbor program by which persons under 21 years of age may dispose of electronic smoking devices in their possession. Requires public school teachers and educators to confiscate electronic smoking devices. Increases fines for the purchase or possession of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices by persons under 21 years of age. Authorizes a court to impose, as a penalty on a person 18-21 years of age who is convicted of possession of a tobacco product or electronic smoking device, the requirement to complete a tobacco education program, complete a tobacco use cessation program, or perform community service instead of paying a fine.

Other Bills

HB2010 HD1 Relating to the University of Hawaiʻi

Appropriates funds to provide scholarships to students pursuing Hawaiian language certifications or degrees within the University of Hawaiʻi system.

HB2485 HD1 Relating to Hawaiʻi National Guard Retirement Benefits

Requires the board of trustees of the employees' retirement system to conduct a study to determine and provide retirement benefits for Hawaiʻi national guard members who are activated under state active duty orders, and submit findings and recommendations to the legislature prior to the regular session of 2022. Appropriates funds.

HB2037 HD2 Relating to the Hawaiʻi State Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Plus Commission

Establishes the Hawaiʻi state lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, plus commission. Appropriates funds.

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