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Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – On Wednesday, February 22, the House Committee on Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs (JHA) will take up sixteen measures pertaining to ethics reform. The measures were introduced by Speaker Scott K. Saiki, on behalf of recommendations outlined in the Commission to Improve Standards of Conduct (CISC) Final Report.

"The House is appreciative to the Commission members who contributed their knowledge in reviewing our existing laws and offering recommendations. The public is invited to provide feedback on these sixteen measures," said JHA Chair David A. Tarnas (D-8, North & South Kohala).

WHO: Representative David A. Tarnas, Chair, House Committee on Judiciary &

Hawaiian Affairs (JHA)

Members of the House Committee on JHA

WHAT: The following CISC measures will be heard:

HB 705 – Relating to Legislative Allowance

HB 706 – Relating to Financial Disclosures

HB 707 – Relating to False Claims

HB 708 – Relating to Lobbyists

HB 709 – Relating to Mandatory Lobbyist Training

HB 710 – Relating to Government

HB 711 – Relating to Fraud

HB 712 – Relating to Recordings of Public Meetings

HB 715 – Relating to Gifts from Lobbyists

HB 717 – Relating to Nepotism

HB 718 – Relating to Preliminary Determination of Probable Cause

HB 721 – Relating to Candidate Committee Expenditures

HB 722 – Relating to Candidate Committee and Noncandidate Committee


HB 723 – Relating to the Sunshine Law

HB 724 – Relating to Campaign Contributions

HB 726 – Relating to Campaign Contributions

WHEN: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Conference Room 325

Click here to review the hearing notice.

Click here for the live stream of this meeting via YouTube.



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