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House Awaits $5.1 Billion CIP Budget from the Senate

Honolulu, Hawai‘i –The Senate Ways and Means Committee today agreed on the Capital Improvement Project budget for Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 totaling more than $5.1 billion. The bill now moves to the full Senate for a second reading.

HB 2725 HD1 SD1 and SB 3080 SD4 contains the funding totals for all Capital Improvement Projects including renovations, repairs, and major maintenance to existing facilities, landscape improvements, new construction, land acquisition, and utility modifications statewide.

To address some of the statewide needs that have become painfully apparent due to the coronavirus pandemic, CIP funds will be used to make much needed upgrades to our outdated Department of Labor and Industrial Relations unemployment computer systems ($10 million) and to modernize of the Department of Accounting and General Services finance systems ($17 million).

The CIP budget also includes funding for many "shovel ready" construction projects that can begin work quickly providing much needed jobs to help resuscitate our struggling economy.

Capital Improvement Projects Biennium Budget Totals (not including CIP grants-in-aid):

· FY2020: $1,011,766 billion General Obligation Bond Funds

· FY2021: $1,060,366 billion General Obligation Bond Funds

· FY2020: $2,312,836 billion All Means of Financing

· FY2021: $2,837,156 billion All Means of Financing

CIP Highlights


· $1 million for reservoir decommissioning in Hawaii County

· $5 million for infrastructure upgrades and improvements to the department's Kalaeloa harvesting facility, Oahu

· $600,000 for an interior access road and Kekaha ditch bridge crossing, Kauai

Accounting and General Services

· $17 million for the modernization of the state finance system, statewide

· $1 million for repair, equipment, modernization and expansion of the Information and Communication Services Division's critical communication systems, statewide

· $6 million for replacement of Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center Building, Oahu

· $750,000 for renovation and improvements to the Keakealani Building, Hawaii

Business, Economic Development, and Tourism

· $2 million for land acquisition for the First Responder's Tech Park, Oahu

· $50 million to finance additional affordable housing for counties within the state having a population less than 500,000, statewide

Budget and Finance

· $900,000 for fire safety improvements to the Bishop Museum's Paki Building, Oahu


· $30 million for the VA Long-term Care Home, Oahu

· $2 million for the incremental addition, replacement, and upgrade of the State Civil Defense warning and communication devices, statewide


· $6 million for designs for facilities replacement or campus relocation for Shafter Elementary School

· $5 million for gender equality and civil rights compliance, statewide

· $21 million for improvements and replacement facilities for Mokapu Elementary School

· $26 million for Phase 3 of East Kapolei Middle School

· $6 million for phase I construction of rubberized track and synthetic turf at Hilo High School, Hawaii

· $5 million for drainage improvements at Kahuku High and Intermediate School, Oahu

· $3 million for plans and designs of a new middle school in central Maui

· $3 million for Title IX improvements on softball field at Moanalua High School, Oahu

· $3 million for a 21st century learning center at Makaha Elementary School, Oahu

· $1 million for air conditioning at Eleele Elementary School, Kauai

· $500,000 for perimeter fence at Iao Intermediate School, Maui

· $5 million for health and safety projects at Hawaii State Public Libraries, statewide

Hawaiian Home Lands

· $20 million for lot development, statewide

· $5 million for repair and maintenance to existing infrastructure, statewide

· $9 million for Lealii parkways and highways improvements, Maui

· $800,000 for speed abatement and pedestrian safety in Waimanalo, Oahu

Human Services

· $5 million for repair and maintenance of Hawaii Public House Authority facilities, statewide

· $2 million for school street campus renovation and development, Oahu

Hawaii Health Systems Corporation

· $650,000 for a 3D mammography machine at Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital

· $700,000 for upgrade the plumbing in patient rooms at Maluhia, Oahu

· $6 million for the expansion and improvement of the oncology clinic at Hilo Medical Center, Hawaii

· $3 million for a second catherization laboratory, cardiac unit, Hilo Medical Center, Hawaii

· $1 million to purchase and install CT scanner at Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital, Kauai

· $1 million to purchase and install CT scanner at Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital


· $930,000 for the design and construction of necessary improvements at Department of Health facilities, statewide

Labor and Industrial Relations

· $10 million for the modernization of the Unemployment Insurance Information Technology system, statewide

Land and Natural Resources

· $11 million for Kaanapali Beach Restoration and Berm Enhancement

· $2 million for the placement of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of sand at Royal Hawaiian Beach

· $1 million for the plans and designs for a replacement and relocation of a boat ramp in the Puna district

· $2 million for improvements to state parks and facilities, statewide

· $3 million for a ferry pier at Lahaina Boat Harbor, Maui

· $5 million for remediation and restoration of shoreline areas at Sand Island State Parks

· $4 million for stabilization and improvement of Ala Wai Canal wall

· $4 million for improvements Waianapanapa State Park, Maui

· $50,000 for construction work on Diamond Head Seawall, Oahu

Public Safety

· $5 million for the Maui Regional Public Safety Complex


· $9 million for improvements of facilities at Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole, Hawaii

· $30 million for design of the diamond head concourse extension at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, Oahu

· $305 million for airfield improvements at facilities statewide

· $100 million for the widening of Farringnton Highway from the vicinity of Kapolei Golf Course to the vicinity of Fort Weaver Road, Oahu

· $200 million for the widening of H-1 Eastbound in the vicinity of Waikele to Halawa, Oahu

· $113 million for improvements to H-1 in the vicinity of Middle Street to Vineyard Boulevard

· $30 million for the widening of Keaau-Pahoa Road, Hawaii

· $22 million for safety improvements in the Waimea region, Hawaii

· $90 million for the extension of the Daniel K. Inouye Highway, Hawaii

· $40 million for the widening of Puunene Avenue from Kamehameha Avenue to Kuihelani Highway, Maui

· $92 million for congestion relief on Kuhio Highway from Hanamaulu to Kapaa, Kauai

· $10 million for major pavement improvements statewide

· $25 million for Rockfall Protection/Slope Stabilization statewide

· $13 million for Vehicle to Everything (V2X) Technology statewide

University of Hawaii

· $23 million for minor repairs at Community Colleges, Statewide

· $4 million for expansion, renovation, and improvements for UH Athletics Facilities—Waterhouse Strength & Conditioning Center and Softball Stadium

· $600,000 for repairs and improvements at Waikiki Aquarium, Oahu


· $76 million for a new Judiciary Complex at Wahiawa Civic Center, Oahu


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