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Hawai‘i Enacts Law Regulating AI Deepfakes in Elections As State Progress Persists

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On July 3rd, Hawaii Governor Josh Green signed a new law to regulate the use of AI-generated deepfakes in political campaigns. The law is effective upon approval, which is critical given Hawaii's rapidly approaching primary election on August 10, 2024.

While the FEC has slow-walked federal action to safeguard elections and regulate AI deepfakes, state progress on this issue has been rapid: Hawaii is the 13th state to enact legislation on the topic just this year.

“Hawaii's new law regulating deepfakes is a testament to the hard work of the state legislators who have helped safeguard our democracy ahead of a critical election this November,” said Jonah Minkoff-Zern, a democracy advocate with Public Citizen. “The FEC and Congress must follow Hawaii's example and prioritize this urgent threat to American election security.”

"This landmark legislation prohibits the distribution of deceptive and fraudulent deepfakes during election periods. While artificial intelligence holds tremendous potential for innovation, the threat posed by manipulated media cannot be underestimated. Deepfakes can distort our perception of reality, harming not just political candidates but any individual targeted by this technology," said Hawaii State Representative Trish La Chica. "I am immensely grateful to Public Citizen for their early partnership in drafting this bill, and to Senator Karl Rhoads and my House and Senate colleagues for their diligent efforts in getting it passed. Together, we have taken a significant step towards protecting the integrity of our elections and safeguarding public trust in digital media."

To learn more about Public Citizen’s work to regulate AI deepfakes in 2024 and beyond, see our state bills tracker (updated regularly) or visit


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