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Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – With the legislature currently in recess, the House Committee on Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs (JHA) prioritized the review of six remaining bills relating to campaign finance reform. The measures were introduced by Speaker Scott K. Saiki, on behalf of the Commission to Improve Standards of Conduct (CISC) Final Report.

JHA Chair David A. Tarnas (D-8, North & South Kohala) has repeatedly reaffirmed the House's commitment to reviewing every CISC measure introduced by the Commission, and its efforts to increase transparency in the legislative process throughout the numerous committee hearings held during the past month.

CISC Chair Judge Dan Foley said that the efforts from the House have "moved us forward in terms of greater transparency, accountability, and public trust."

"Thank you so much for hearing every Commission bill, even those that have companion bills through the Ethics Commission and Campaign Spending Commission. It is deeply appreciated, and I think it serves a public purpose. I also want to thank the Committee and the House for its new Rules of Procedure and Administrative Manual which adopts and incorporates many of the Commission's recommendations from its proposals concerning a citizen's bill of rights, conflict of interest, and nepotism," said Judge Foley, in testimony before JHA on February 23, 2023.

"We appreciate CISC Chair Judge Robert Foley's guidance in navigating these bills. Each recommendation is being seriously considered, several of which were implemented in the House rules," said Chair Tarnas. "We are confident in the direction these measures have taken and are also appreciative of similar bills that came out of recommendations outlined in the CISC report."

The following CISC bills passed out of JHA for second reading on Thursday, February 23, 2023:

· HB 727 – Relating to Campaign Funds

o HD1 with amendments.

· HB 732 – Relating to Complaints Alleging Violations of Campaign Spending Laws

o HD1 with amendments

The following measures were deferred due to similar House bills already passed:

· HB 729 – Relating to Candidate Committee and Noncandidate Committee Organizational Reports

o Rep. Tarnas recommended to defer as House passed similar bill HB93 for third reading on 2/7.

· HB 730 – Relating to Campaign Spending Cash Contributions

o Rep. Tarnas recommended to defer as House passed similar bill HB99 for third reading on 2/7.

· HB 731 – Relating to Campaign Spending Commission Orders

o Rep. Tarnas recommended to defer as House passed similar bill HB91 for third reading on 2/8.

· HB 733 – Relating to Violations of Campaign Finance Law

o Rep. Tarnas recommended to defer as JHA passed similar bill HB92 out for second reading on 2/6.

Click here to watch a playback of the 2/23 JHA hearing.



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