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Advocate for Disabled Wants to Change the World of Disability to Ability

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – A new non-profit group, "The Ohana You Don't See," is holding an event to support the disabled community at the Hawaiʻi Cedar Church in Kalihi. Ray Tavita, along with a number of advocates, will join together seeking to empower the disabled community in fighting for equal access to housing, transportation, employment, education, healthcare, food access, and essential medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

"This world will deal you cards of structuring ranks that will determine whether a hand is fit to be a win. However, the cards you hold will not define your winning position. It’s your perspectives on the outcome that truly matters," said Ray Tavita, who was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair.

Tavita is seeking donations of wheelchairs which will be given to a disabled person in need but unable to afford to buy one on their own.

"Given what Ray has gone through before and during this pandemic, it certainly is uplifting to embrace his vision on creating an inclusive future for our disabled community where we focus on their abilities as well as protecting their rights to make sure no one gets left behind. Ray is changing society's view to see and appreciate ability where others see disability," said Representative John Mizuno.


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