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35 Representatives' Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Ruling West Virginia v. EPA

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – Thirty-five (35) Democratic Members of the Hawaiʻi State Legislature issued the following statement in response to the Supreme Court of the United States' ruling on West Virginia v. EPA:

"Yesterday’s Supreme Court of the United States decision to limit the EPA's ability to regulate emissions reinforces the importance of climate action at State Legislatures across the nation. Hawaii has been a leader in this regard for many years and will continue to demonstrate to other States what it is possible to achieve through state policy. We are committed to transitioning to clean energy, clean transportation, to upholding the Paris Agreement, and to decarbonizing the State’s economy. The State legislature will continue to work to minimize Hawaii’s emissions and to do our part for the planet and for the next generation."

For the full list of the thirty-five (35) members, see attached.

Attached: RELEASE Statement on West Virgina v. EPA

2022 07 01 RELEASE Statement West Virginia vs. EPA
Download PDF • 165KB


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