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HAWAIʻI COUNTY Representative David A. Tarnas is happy to share that Governor Josh Green’s Administration has released $1.9 million in capital improvement funding to complete the full design of the new Waikōloa Public Library, according to a letter dated June 2, 2023.

The library is planned for a 2.567-acre lot within the County of Hawai’i’s Kamakoa Nui Subdivision. In February, the Hawai’i County Council unanimously passed a resolution authorizing a 65-year, no-cost lease for the site with the Hawaiʻi State Public Library System to construct and operate a library. An Environmental Assessment for the project is underway, and community input will be solicited as part of the process.

“I am grateful to the Governor for releasing $1.9 million to pay for the design of the Waikōloa Community Library. Mahalo to all those who have advocated for this library over the years with the Friends of the Library – Waikōloa Region,” said Rep. David A. Tarnas. “Their steadfast support has created the wind beneath the wings of this community library project. Also, mahalo to State Librarian Stacey Aldrich for her commitment to making Waikōloa Library a reality.”

“Now, with the release of this funding, the State Librarian will be able to take the next steps to design this new facility,” Tarnas said. “It is an exciting time for Waikōloa residents to be able to be part of the design and construction of a new library facility in the Waikōloa community. I urge the State Librarian's design team to do lots of community engagement to inform and involve Waikōloa residents and ask for input about the design of a new community library.”

“For many years, community members have passionately advocated for a library to serve the residents in this area, and I’m delighted that the county and state are working together to make it a reality,” said State Librarian Stacey A. Aldrich. “Mahalo to the advocates and to our elected officials for recognizing and addressing the pressing need,” Aldrich added.

If the Governor approves the budget passed by the State Legislature earlier this year, the Waikōloa Public Library will receive an additional $13 million to begin construction following the approval process.



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