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Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – Senator Sharon Y. Moriwaki (D-12, Waikīkī, Ala Moana, Kaka‘ako, McCully) and Representative Adrian K. Tam (D-24, Waikīkī) issued the following joint statement today:

"Our deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of the two Waikīkī residents who passed away in the devastating fire that occurred yesterday. Our thoughts are also with the neighbors and residents in the building who were affected and have been displaced.

We express our sincere gratitude to Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) for their unwavering commitment to extinguishing yesterday's blaze. As the HFD investigates the fire's cause, we are aware that many residential buildings in our communities are aging and may lack the structural integrity of newer buildings. We remain dedicated to analyzing fire safety measures to ensure that our buildings without sprinkler systems are adequately equipped to protect their occupants. The issue of fire safety remains a priority for us.

Residents impacted by this fire are encouraged to reach out to American Red Cross for immediate assistance at (808) 734-2101."



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