The Hawaii House of Representatives consists of 51 members proudly serving the people of the islands in geographicly designated districts across the state. The 47 House Democrats make up the Majority Caucus under the leadership of Speaker Scott K. Saiki. 

The current Majority Democratic Caucus includes:

       7     Hawaii Island Representatives 

       6     Maui, Molokai, Lanai Representatives 

      31   Oahu Representatives 

       3     Kauai, Niihau Representatives 

Hawaiian Language Display

The Hawaii House Majority Democrats and its members honor the Hawaiian language and its use of diacritical marks, the glottal stop and the macron (okina and kahako). While we use these marks in our communication materials, we have omitted them in our online platforms as they are often limited in their ability to display these marks. 


To determine when diacritical marks should be used, refer to Hawaiian Dictionary and Place Names of Hawaii, published by UH Press.