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The Debrief: Government Reform At The Hawaiʻi State Capitol

To break down ethics reform at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol, state Sen. Karl Rhoads and state Rep. David Tarnas sat down with HNN’s “The Debrief” to discuss what lawmakers are working on to improve accountability and transparency as well as the measures that were passed in this past legislative session.


Jun 17, 2023

Josh Green’s sneaky self serving activities need to be very closely looked at.

He smiles through his BS.

❌ He sends thug like, rude and insulting private messages to constituents for asking hard questions, or for reminding him that COVID is not pau. He should be more careful around keiki and kupuna

by wearing a mask. But, He’s too narcissistic.

❌ He has also resumed his illegal behavior of blocking constituents from his official Governor page. (He was ordered to reverse hundreds he blocked as LG).

❌ He is bringing Hawaii shame by conducting himself like a narcissistic con and clown. He is not a dignified Governor. Constant selfies.

Stand up comedian style speeches! He wants popularity while he’s screwin…


Jun 17, 2023

Governor Josh Green has been quite corrupt in multiple ways. He needs to be the subject of through investigations. Any questions he doesn’t like and he illegally blocks constituents from his official

government FB page! And, he sends bullying private messages.

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