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Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – On Thursday, the House of Representatives will consider fourteen House bills aimed at fostering safer communities and enhancing protection laws. The measures include but are not limited to recommendations from the Governor's legislative package, the Department of Attorney General, the Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney, and the House Interim Wildfire Prevention Working Group.


A final vote is scheduled on the House Floor during the Floor Session, which is set to convene on Thursday, April 18 at 11:30 a.m. Upon approval, the bills proceed to the governor's desk for his signature.


The fourteen bills include:


·         HB 1527 HD1 SD2 - Relating to Veterinary Medicine

·         HB 1595 HD1 SD1 - Relating to Expungement

·         HB 1611 HD2 SD2 - Relating to Law Enforcement Officers

·         HB 1842 HD1 SD1 - Relating to Fire Prevention

·         HB 1869 HD1 SD2 - Relating to Unmanned Aircraft

·         HB 2071 HD1 SD1 - Relating to Photo Red Light Imaging Detector Systems

·         HB 2295 HD1 SD1 - Relating to the Traffic Code

·         HB 2342 HD1 SD2 - Relating to Weapons

·         HB 2352 HD1 SD2 - Relating to Law Enforcement

·         HB 2425 HD2 SD2 - Relating to the Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry

·         HB 2444 HD1 SD1 - Relating to Criminal History Record Checks

·         HB 2483 HD1 SD2 - Relating to Criminal History Record Checks

·         HB 2513 HD1 SD1 - Relating to Expungement

·         HB 2526 HD2 SD1 - Relating to Motor Vehicles


For measures that have not reached an agreement, the House and Senate have the option to convene in Conference to reconcile discrepancies and craft the final language of the bills. To review Conference notices and monitor bills undergoing this process, visit




Cathy S . Lee

Director of Communications

House Communications


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