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Kalihi, Hawaiʻi – Representative Sonny Ganaden (D-30, Kalihi, Kalihi Kai, Ke‘ehi Lagoon, Hickam Village) issued the following statement:


“The death of any young person in our community is a tragedy. The news of a homicide at Kuhio Park Terrace on Tuesday comes after years of effort by community groups and sectors of the government to create and support a peaceful Kalihi community. Along with many of my colleagues and members of the public, I condemn the use of guns to settle disputes. We condemn acts of retaliation or continued violence. This violence does not reflect the true nature of our community. As we seek answers, we will uplift the victim's family.


We will assist the Honolulu Police Department in their investigation and support the work of Parents and Children Together (PACT), Kokua Kalihi Valley, and other organizations that advocate for peace and healthy activities for youth. We hope that this tragedy is a singular event, in light of numerous forthcoming youth summer activities.”




Cathy S . Lee

Director of Communications

House Communications



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