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ʻEwa Beach, Hawaiʻi — The House of Representatives today adopted House Resolution 18, establishing the formation of a working group to address issues related to water and air contamination and remediation arising from the operation of the Puʻuloa Range Training Facility.


Representative Rose Martinez (D-40 Portions of Lower Village and ‘Ewa Beach, Iroquois Point) authored HR18 and emphasized the urgent need for action, stating, "The concerns voiced by residents regarding potential contamination and impact on marine life show that we need to address the well-being of the ʻEwa Beach community and act now. This is a community-led effort and the Puʻuloa Range Working Group, comprised of stakeholders and volunteers, is committed to addressing these concerns and advancing remediation efforts."


Last year, Representative Martinez and ʻEwa community stakeholders demanded action, citing noise and potential lead contamination from the Puʻuloa Range Training Facility affecting Puʻuloa Beach Park, a popular daily recreational spot for ʻEwa families. In November 2023, Marine Corps Base Hawaiʻi (MBCH) announced the implementation of a mitigation plan to address upcoming testing for contaminants in the Puʻuloa Range Training Facility Shoreline.


Representative Martinez stated that the working group anticipates reviewing MBCH's plan and intends to conduct informational briefings on issues concerning water and air contamination.


Group members will comprise area lawmakers including Representative Martinez and City Councilmember Augie Tulba (D-9 Waipahū, Iroquois Point, West Loch, ʻEwa Villages, and portions of ʻEwa Beach). Community members include the Vice Chair of the ʻEwa Neighborhood Board No. 23, a marine biologist from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, a representative from Kuleana Coral Restoration, a representative from the fishing industry, a representative from the United States Marine Corps, and other community stakeholders.


According to HR18, the working group will meet quarterly, provide regular reports to the House of Representatives, and shall cease on June 30, 2025.



Cathy S . Lee

Director of Communications

House Communications


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