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Hawaiʻi News Now - Affordable housing, preschool among top priorities

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Affordable housing, mental health services and expanding preschool education are among the top priorities for lawmakers as they kick off the new legislative session Wednesday.

HNN spoke with some lawmakers about their plans for the new session.

“The main priorities are to take a real close look at the mental health issues of our state,” said Nakamura. “We know there are adults and children that are suffering and we need to bring the proper services to them."

“From our 12 townhalls, I have three top priorities,” said Ilagan. “One of them is the Pohoiki Boat Ramp... we want to reveal the Pohoiki Boat Ramp and fund that project this session as well as moving on with the alternative route project.”

Full article and videos here


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